Tourwest have created and managed a considerable number of dinosaur exhibitions.  Our exhibition DinoMites: The A to Z of Dinosaurs was specially developed, with the kind assistance of Dr. Phil Manning of the University of Manchester, to appeal to smaller venues as well as to a younger audience. All youngsters respond to the mystery and magic of dinosaurs – fantastical beasts that were actually real!

Area 1-GallimimusSML

DinoMites has been created to explore the prehistoric world through the life cycle of dinosaurs from birth on. Visitors are amazed to discover that not all dinosaurs were giants! The exhibition comprises models of some of the best – and least – known dinosaurs, from T rex to Triceratops, presented in naturalistic settings and with interactive graphic panels. Hands-on modules explore the history of dinosaurs and the story of palaeontology, and visitors can complete a discovery trail taking them through the alphabet of dinosaurs, all the way from Armour to Zoo.




DinoMites has proved to be among the most successful exhibitions venues have ever mounted. DinoMites brings in new visitors, helping to build a new and diverse audience, as well as generating repeat visits. DinoMites is guaranteed to attract media attention and raise your PR profile. The exhibition has been designed in a unique way to respond to children’s enduring appetite for dinosaurs.

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