a new museum project in Bethlehem

“Our exhibitions have been presented in many different venues across the world, often in deprived areas.  We thought that donating our Dinosaur and Monster Creepy Crawlies exhibitions to the children of Palestine would be our grand finale; however, it's clear that there's more work to be done here.  We look forward to continuing to bring educational exhibitions to this special audience and inspiring a new generation, in association with our local partners, particularly the Solomon's Pools Development and Preservation Company, without whom this project would not have happened. The welcome we received, simply as tourists, was unprecedented and I would urge others to visit. It's not difficult and it's an unforgettable opportunity.”

A New Children's Museum launched in Bethelehem. The opening event was attended by over 300 guests, including the Palestinian Ministers of Culture and Education, the Mayors of the Bethlehem region, Bath & NE Somerset councillors Martin Veal and Paul Crossley, international media from Palestine, Italy, France, UK, China and Europe and schoolchildren from Bethlehem and the West Bank, who were wide eyed with amazement at their first sight of the life size dinosaurs and giant animatronic insects.

Video of exhibition opening - Vatican TV

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Tourwest work with museums and collectors in creating and managing exhibitions internationally, and are experts in the challenges associated with the touring of large-scale popular shows. 

Dinosaurs and  insects have both been presented in more than one language, in Bethlehem in Arabic and English, the graphic layout having been designed to allow easy substitution. From advising on logistics and space preparation to developing education and marketing materials, we work closely with the host venue to produce the most successful exhibition possible.